Radwood LA

One of our favorite events of the year comes in the form of a celebration of all things 80s and 90s. Radwood started as a gathering a friends, created to highlight the cars they were passionate about. Just over a year later, the organizers of Radwood are touring the country and selling shows filled to the brim with spectacular examples of the rad era.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about the show is the sheer variety present. While certainly there are the expected collection of 911s, BMWs and nimble sports cars, the crowds are equally excited about a massive Dodge dually, and a factory fresh Oldsmobile. It isn’t simply a celebration of the legends of that era, but a way for enthusiasts to share their automotive stories in any form. For most of us, our first car wasn’t a Countach, but rather a hand-me-down Grand AM. But it was behind the wheel of these cars where we grew our passion for cars, where we learned to love to drive. Radwood encourages you to bring that Grand AM in, and share that story with new friends.  

Even more enjoyable is how many attendees truly get in the spirit and dress in period. A nod to the Goodwood event that Radwood is inspired by, everywhere you look people are dressed in denim vests, tie-dye, and colorful windbreakers. In a way, it brings everyone at the show a little closer together. Everyone gets into the spirit of the show, and for a brief moment you can be transported back in time.

Radwood remains our favorite show of the year, and an absolute must attend any time we are able to. As enthusiasts of that era of automotive history, our own collections have been filled with cars that would fit right in. Being able to celebrate our love for this era, what we grew up with, is something we desperately needed for many years. With a world tour around the corner, we’re looking forward to seeing what international radness they are able to gather.

Radwood LA 2018