The Unknown Road

route vers inconnu from The Reelbros on Vimeo.


Part of what we love about the automotive industry is the numerous opportunities to collaborate. Whether we are working with someone to launch a new product, or create a fantastic film, we love the creative process. Sharing a passion for all things automotive is a sure fire way to produce some beautiful content. Recently Drew and I were out for a drive in our old projects for the afternoon. I had posted a quick photo online, and received a message from an old friend of mine from college, Alexander Schreer, a talented filmmaker who was looking to test a new steady cam setup that evening. He asked me if we were interested in being his test subjects, and next thing you know we were driving an hour up to the meeting spot.

The video you see above is the result of an evening of shooting. The Reelbros piloted a fantastic Land Cruiser with a massive camera hanging off the back, and we simply drove around them. We darted back and forth, doing pull after pull. If I’m honest, I found it hard not to look at the camera as it panned with my fly-bys.

We shot for a couple hours out in the quiet desert. A storm threatened to break out at any moment, but fortunately held off until after the last shot was taken. We went our separate ways, and a few days later I received this video. It’s incredible how our two well worn, vintage beaters look on camera. Eagle eye viewers may spot some obvious flaws with my 2002 in these shots, but it still looked at home in the desert landscape.

We love working with talented and passionate partners here at Speed Limitless. So a massive thank you to The Reelbros for producing an amazing video of our old cars. Give the video above a watch, and be sure to follow The Reelbros at the link below. We can’t wait to see what they produce next.

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