Volkstock 2018

As enthusiasts, I think we are all familiar with the traditional car show. Bring your ride out, enjoy an afternoon of fun, and go home early in the evening. There have been a number of takes on it, but Volkstock takes this concept a step further. Instead of just an afternoon, this is a full weekend of Volkswagen love. Running over the course of a few days, the show revolves around a music festival, for Volkswagen lovers, by Volkswagen lovers. The shared passion the attendees share makes for an incredible atmosphere. On a warm Saturday morning, overlooking Lake Pleasant, we took some time to explore the Volkstock experience.

Early in the morning you can make your way to the swap meet, and find some much needed parts for your project car. Wander over to the lawn, and you’ll find the main show. Front and center of the venue is a stage, where each day a number of bands take to the stage. The cars are staged on either side of the stage, as spectators alongside their owners all facing the performance. When the music ends, the parties begin and Volkstock attendees take to their campsites to continue the festivities through the night.

It isn’t just vintage Volkswagen either. Sure, a majority of the cars in attendance were air-cooled, but walking through the rows water-cooled examples were well represented. It is interesting to see the shared love for the brand, regardless of generation. Too often we see divides in brand enthusiasm, with enthusiasts championing the old over the new or vice versa. But Volkstock encourages embracing all styles, and years, and enjoying a weekend of Volkswagen love. It doesn’t matter what you drive, or what you’ve done to it. As long as it’s a Volkswagen, you’re home.

As we walked the venue, we saw countless old friends catching up, new friends being made and a general curiosity for each and every build. In a row of 10 Beetles, no two would be a like. From the rattiest patina, to the cleanest paint, each car offered a new story. The organizers at Volkstock have created something truly special here.

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Volkstock 2018